What is the best Art Gallery Software? | A Comparison of Top Brands

[updated September, 2016]

A comparison of leading art gallery software providers. The features and pricing listed below assumes the following minimum client requirements:

  • 1 retail location license
  • 3 user licenses
  • 3 computer licenses
  • Full-feature capabilities of each vendor
  • Automated gallery website with Integrated Shopping Cart

A Comparison of Top Brands

Masterpiece Manager Version10™
under review
Artsystems Gallery Pro
Managed Artwork
1995 1993 2014 1995 2001
Founded as...
Art gallery software Art gallery software Legal & Healthcare software (Ontologic) Art gallery software Art gallery software
Setup **
$800 $5000 $3500 $95
Monthly Fees **
$119 $245 $325 $195
Dynamic Websites*
$49 $399 $60
Unlimited User Licenses (included)
$25 mthly per $30 mthly per
Unlimited Computer Licenses (included)
$35 mthly per $175 mthly per
Unlimited Support/Training (included)
No Term Commitments
Compatible with Mac!
Web-based program
100s of Fully Customizable Web Site Templates
Integrated eCommerce Web Sites
Inventory Management
Contact Management
Mass Email
POS / Payments / Invoicing
Online Marketplace
Online Auctions
Total Startup Cost $800 $5245 $4224 $350
Monthly | Software Only $119 $245 $325 $285
Monthly | Software + Website $168 N/A $724 $345
Projected Annual Expense (w/o setup) $2016 $2940 $8688 $4235
* Dynamic Websites are billed monthly, per web site

** Pricing above assumes a Gallery package with 3 computers and 5 staff, as well as an integrated web site and any pre-paid discounts available.

Art Gallery Software - Leading Providers

All information provided has been gathered by Masterpiece Solutions, Inc. Our goal is to provide an accurate and simple comparison. If you find anything in error, please send your feedback to info@masterpiecesolutions.com. All feedback will be reviewed and updates to the site will be made to reflect the most current and accurate information.

Masterpiece Solutions | Masterpiece Manager Version10

Company Website
Founded in 1995, Masterpiece Solutions is based in Parker, Colorado. Masterpiece Solutions is recognized as the pioneer of the Art Gallery Software market. It was the first retail automation software product to deliver fully automated websites to its clients. Masterpiece released its 10th version of the software and website suite ofe software and web site suite. This version includes several significant NEW capabilities never before available to the art business. Some of these are Email Marketing, Online Auctions, Quickbooks Integration and Online/Off-line business continuity. The company offers telephone and email support that is included in the monthly subscription fee. In addition to its position as an innovator in the industry, Masterpiece also receives very strong reviews for its customer support.

Masterpiece Solutions offers two options for art gallery software: Desktop software that is downloaded (marketed by the name Arete) and Masterpiece Manager Version10 the 100% Cloud-based software and web site suite. This page is a review of the Version10 software suite.


     15+ years delivering exclusively to the art business
     No term commitments required
     Offers desktop and web-based art gallery software option
     Global presence with gallery clients on every continent
     Cloud-based solutions hosted with Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing
     Works with Macs and Pcs - and any combination of computing environments
     Fully automated websites - also works with 3rd party websites
     Huge portfolio of website customers - 400+
     Complete POS module - including payment processing
     Full Email Marketing Module - replaces iContact or ConstantContact
     Online Auctions - proprietary or public
     Unlimited support
     No long-term contracts


     Slow to deliver Mac compatible version
     Located in Denver, not a major art market


Company Website
The first solution in the marketplace was introduced in 1991. Originally designed as an installed software solution, it is now an exclusively a server installed program that must run within your business location. It includes Inventory as well as Contact Management solutions. These capabilities are handled quite expertly. Large omissions are website integration, POS, and Email marketing.


      Works on any computer: Mac, PC, Linux
     Unlimited support
     No long-term contracts


     Not a web-based solution
     Can not be accessed when away from business location
     Requires additional FileMaker Pro software license
     No integrated website solution
     No Build Your Website capability
     Requires computer configuration and network management expertise
     No POS module (requires external POS terminal)
     No Quickbooks integration
     Does not offer Auctions
     Does not offer complete email marketing solution
     Offers no online marketplace for marketing your goods


Company Website
'artcloud' is a late entrant into the market (2014). It was created by OntoLogic Solutions, a company with previous software ventures in the Legal, Healthcare and other industries. In January 2015, art become an additional new focus of OntoLogic. The company is run by Alex and Emily West as well as former employees of Ontologic Solutions. The company is based in Georgia.


     Not enough history to evaluate
     Web based access


     Not enough history to evaluate
     Not art gallery specific:
  • As per CEO Alex West in 2014:
  • "Ontologic owns 100 percent of this company, ArtCloud. We are just in art galleries now but we are about to expand into boutique retail. We are going to turn it into a point-of-sale system... whatever it is, watches, paintings, pots."

ArtSystems | Gallery Pro 2011

Company Website

Founded in 1989. Artsystems has requested that detailed company information not be shared on this page.


     Lengthy history serving the art industry
     Tech support included in subscription fees
     Robust feature set
     Located in New York City
     New Mac compatible desktop software option
     Integrated web site option


     Minimum 2 year agreement
     No web-based software option (must download software to computer)
     Extra fees for additional user licenses
     Extra fees for software maintenance
     Clients can not use their own web sites
     No mass email capability

Managed Artwork

Company Website
Founded in 2001, Managed Artwork is a relative late-comer to our industry. Founded as the first “online” solution, it offers a thinner solution than Artsystems. As the only web-based solution when introduced, Managed Artwork found a following of forward-thinking customers that did not want to be restricted to a certain type of computer platform or location.  This business model also allowed Managed Artwork to offer the first “subscription-based” pricing model. The company restricts the size and number of images its customers can post to the program. This may be the result of an aging platform that is not coping well with the bandwidth and capacity needs of modern imaging standards.


     Works on any computer: Mac, PC, Linux.
     Website integration (works with your own website)
     Unlimited support
     No long-term contracts


     No full-featured “off-line” mode. Does not work without Internet connection
     No POS module (requires external POS terminal)
     Cannot use your own website
     No Build Your Website capability
     No Quickbooks integration
     Does not offer Auctions
     Does not offer complete email marketing solution
     Offers no online marketplace for marketing your goods
     Expensive – menu pricing means that a full featured solution is $2000 for setup, and $600 per month